VAPESTICK E-Cigarette Starter Kit Good for Smokers

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Cigarette smokers often feel as though the whole world is against them. In addition, smoking bans and public opinion regarding tobacco use subject them to harsh criticism and a social stigma they really don't deserve. But one group, the vaping community, supports smokers and their desire to live a normal life like everyone else. That's why vapers recommend the VAPESTICK e-cigarette starter kit to those still using tobacco.

VAPESTICK is one of a handful of companies making a product specifically to help smokers get their lives back rather than trying to further badger them into meeting the arbitrary standards of society. Their starter kit does that by giving the smoker an alternative which cheaper, cleaner, and generally accepted in the UK.

Furthermore, when the smoker first receives his VAPESTICK e-cigarette starter kit he's receiving the chance to substantially reduce tobacco consumption in direct proportion to how often he uses the product. Every time he chooses to forgo smoking by choosing vaping instead, he is reducing his tobacco use and improving his life. And if the smoker decides it's not for him after trying it, VAPESTICK respects that decision and wishes him well.

Inside a VAPESTICK Classic starter kit you'll find:

  • atomisers (2) – the atomiser is the component that heats the nicotine liquid and produces the vapour; atomisers last between four and six weeks
  • batteries (2) – lithium-ion batteries are used to power the atomisers; each battery has a total life of 300-400 hours
  • refill cartridges (10) – assorted refill cartridges contain the nicotine liquid that replaces burning tobacco; each cartridge supplies approximately 100 puffs
  • battery chargers (2) – VAPESTICK is different in that they supply two battery chargers; one plugs into the wall and the other into a standard USB port
  • pouch and Vcard – VAPESTICK also provides a velvet carrying pouch and Vcard; the Vcard is a handy tool that explains the law in order to show people you can legally use your e-cigarette

E-cigarettes are one of the best products for smokers to come out in a long time. They offer a way for cigarette users to continue their habit – which is their choice – without infringing on the rights of other people. In a world where most of us believe we should all learn to get along, e-cigs provide the perfect compromise between smokers and non-smokers.

What's most important to remember is that electronic cigarettes don't produce any smoke. That's why they're not included in smoking bans. The vapour created by electronic cigarettes contains only three ingredients, all of which have already been deemed by governments all over the world as safe for human consumption. Smokers don't need to worry about harming others with second hand smoke; non-smokers don't need to live in fear of the vapour.

If you or a loved one is still using tobacco, consider a VAPESTICK e-cigarette starter Kit today. This is a product that's good for the smoker and anyone else he interacts with.



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