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01237 870641

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Best Lime Supplier

First class company, sarah is very knowledgeable and helpful with regards to all aspects of Lime, and how to rectify damage to properites that have been ruined by cement render. They have helped me with my old cob property, helping me to remove the cement render from a damaged wall. They are experts in the field, and there isnt anything they don't know. Their lime mortar is the best mortar out there, and their prices are very competetive too. I only use Heritage cob and Lime because I know I am getting a quality product.

By yoyo2009 at 10:44 on 16/11/12

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Welcome to Heritage Cob & Lime in Bideford

Heritage Cob & Lime manufactures and supplies superior quality lime mortar to trade & domestic customers

Lime Mortar from Heritage Cob & Lime is slaked using premium Buxton quicklime and matured for at least three months, ensuring a premium quality lime mortar that helps prevent buildings from cracking & crumbling.

Lime Mortar Suppliers Devon

Heritage Cob & Lime became Lime mortar suppliers after many years working on and restoring historic and traditional buildings. They now produce and supply lime mortars and associated products, including:

• Lime Mortar

• Pointing mix

• Heritage fine skim plaster

• Mature lime putty

• Lime Wash

• Compressed Cob Blocks

• Lathes

and more. Unlike cement, lime mortar lets the structure flex, preventing traditional buildings from cracking. It also reduces damp because lime mortar is breathable therefore allowing moisture/damp to flow in and out.

Free help and advice is available so call 01237 870 641 for more information now.


2 Reviews of Heritage Cob & Lime

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    I had been having trouble with my cob wall ever since I had it renewed two years ago.
    Parts of the wash kept peeling off after 4 or 5 weeks afterwards.
    A ten minute conversation and a suggestion was made. two days later a delivery to my doorstep (powder to go into the wash) and three months later it is still perfect. thank you.
    JJ Knowles Landkey

    By JohnKnowles at 14:46 on 27/10/13


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