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Groups forest_2010 Created


    health issues of Taunton folk

    alternative therapy or would you rather pop a pill? Share your experiences/tips

    37 members


    Boys ( and girls) and their toys

    all you petrol heads and oil can junkies hook up with other motor enthusiasts in the Taunton area

    12 members


    Charity events in Taunton

    How to join in with your local fundraisers

    68 members


    crafty Taunton

    whether you're nuts about knitting crazy about card-making make friends with like-minded folk

    44 members


    Taunton animal lovers

    who is your best four legged friend and why? share your hints and tips on health, feeding, training etc.

    25 members

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Groups forest_2010 Joined

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    General Discussion

    This is a Group for General Discussion topics related to Taunton when none of the other Groups quite fit the bill.

    129 members

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    Taunton shopping

    help each other find where to go for the best buys in Taunton

    22 members

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    Days out in Taunton

    What to see and do on a day trip to Taunton

    55 members

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    Good walks around Taunton

    There are some lovely parks in Taunton and of course the riverside,where else do you like to take your constitutionals?

    40 members

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    Taunton candidates Election 2010

    Love them or hate them let's talk about what you expect from your local representatives

    6 members

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Forest Wind

Why I like Taunton

There always seems to be something going on somewhere. Plenty of shops, places to eat and things to look at and a great place to people watch. I love to get a pasty and sit on a bench and just watch the different people go by.


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